A Visitor in the Night


While you listen

oCoder Education - English listening Audios are suitable for learners with different levels of English. Here are some ways to make them easier (if you have a lower level of English) or more difficult (if you have a higher level of English).
You can choose one or two of these suggestions – you don't have to follow all of them!

Making it easier

Read all the exercises before you listen to the audio.
Look up the words in the exercises that you don't know or don't understand in a dictionary.
Play the audio as many times as you need.
Play each part of the audio separately.
Answer all questions in the exercise.
Read the transcript after you have listened to the audio.

Making it harder

Listen to the audio before you read the exercises.
Only play the audio once before answering the questions.
Play the whole audio without a break.
Don't read the transcript.
Now, listen to the audio and do the exercises on the following tabs.
If you do not complete all the question, you can play the audio again. After that, read the dialog to make sure that you understand all word in the audio.
Why did the people want to sleep with the windows open?
It was a nice night.
It was quiet outside.
It was broken.
It was too hot.
What was the problem with the windows?
They had no latch to close.
They had no screens.
They were broken.
They were too high to reach.
How did the people try to protect themselves?
By using pots and pans to make noise
By shouting when someone came in
By staying awake all night
By standing outside their room
Why does the woman tell what laryngitis is?
To explain why her husband needed aspirin
To explain why she couldn't sleep
To explain why she needed the window open
To explain why she couldn't scream
What is this story about?
How the woman's husband scared her
Why they stayed in a hotel that night
Why they decided to leave the country
How they lost all their belongings
My husband and I were traveling, in Africa.
And we were staying in, a government guest house which was, sort of like a small hotel, but it a wasn't a very fancy place.
Anyway it was a very hot... Uh, night that night. It was a very hot climate and it was really hot that night.
And we wanted to have the windows open. But the problem was, we had everything we owned right there in the room.
And the windows didn't have any screens or anything. So anybody could just, come right in, and steal our things.
But if we shut the windows, it would be impossible to sleep, it was, way over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit or forty degrees centigrade.
So we decided to put a lot of pots and pans and things like that, under the window.
So then if a thief came in, the pots and pans would fall down, and we'd wake up. So that's what we did.
Anyway .. We were asleep. All of the sudden in the middle of the night... Sure enough, I hear the pans, crash. I sat up in bed, my heart was beating like anything.
I could see that there was, a man in a white robe, standing up next to the bed. I tried to scream...
And, I had laryngitis which means my voice wasn't working. And I was screaming in the local language fo- for help. It was like 'help help'.
But I couldn't scream. And so the man came over, and he shoved me down on the bed. And then he says in English "be quiet." and then I realized it was my husband, huh.
And when I was able to speak, I said "what are you doing." he said "well, I had a headache and I wanted to get up and get some aspirins."