A Special Vacation


While you listen

oCoder Education - English listening Audios are suitable for learners with different levels of English. Here are some ways to make them easier (if you have a lower level of English) or more difficult (if you have a higher level of English).
You can choose one or two of these suggestions – you don't have to follow all of them!

Making it easier

Read all the exercises before you listen to the audio.
Look up the words in the exercises that you don't know or don't understand in a dictionary.
Play the audio as many times as you need.
Play each part of the audio separately.
Answer all questions in the exercise.
Read the transcript after you have listened to the audio.

Making it harder

Listen to the audio before you read the exercises.
Only play the audio once before answering the questions.
Play the whole audio without a break.
Don't read the transcript.
Now, listen to the audio and do the exercises on the following tabs.
If you do not complete all the question, you can play the audio again. After that, read the dialog to make sure that you understand all word in the audio.
When did the speaker go to Ecuador?
Right after she graduated from college
While she was in a college program
During the college holidays
Right before she started college
Why did the speaker go to Ecuador?
To visit a small village
To meet her mother and sister
To meet her boyfriend's family
To get married
How long did it take to make all the plans for the wedding?
Two days
A week
A couple months
Three weeks
What does the word fiance mean?
A close family friend
A close member of one's family
A member of a spouse's family
Someone engaged to be married
What is the main purpose of this talk?
To tell about a family vacation
To describe a country she visited
To tell about her home town
To describe an event in her life
Last June i traveled to Ecuador, to visit my fiance. I went right after i graduated from college. So that i would have a couple of weeks to help plan the wedding. We got married about three weeks after i got to Ecuador. The planning, as you can imagine, was pretty crazy. Because we only had three weeks. So things, started, kind of falling together at the last minute. But the last day was pretty crazy. Because we had so much planning to do for the wedding, we didn't have much time to... Visit the tourist attractions. But since my mom and my sister also went to Ecuador to be part of the wedding, we went to the beach which is a beautiful beach on the ocean. And we almost went to a beautiful indigenous market, called Otavalo, but we didn't. We uh, one thing we did do, we visited, an indigenous tribe in the city where my fiance is from. That was quite interesting. We also spent a couple of days walking through the city and going to little stores where they sold different, um... Where they sold different hand crafts that people from Ecuador had made. Other than that... We spent a lot of time planning the wedding and it was very nice for me to see my mom and sister, and for them to meet my fiance. That was pretty much how i spent my Ecuador vacation this summer.