Weekend Work, Wildlife, and Art


While you listen

oCoder Education - English listening Audios are suitable for learners with different levels of English. Here are some ways to make them easier (if you have a lower level of English) or more difficult (if you have a higher level of English).
You can choose one or two of these suggestions – you don't have to follow all of them!

Making it easier

Read all the exercises before you listen to the audio.
Look up the words in the exercises that you don't know or don't understand in a dictionary.
Play the audio as many times as you need.
Play each part of the audio separately.
Answer all questions in the exercise.
Read the transcript after you have listened to the audio.

Making it harder

Listen to the audio before you read the exercises.
Only play the audio once before answering the questions.
Play the whole audio without a break.
Don't read the transcript.
Now, listen to the audio and do the exercises on the following tabs.
If you do not complete all the question, you can play the audio again. After that, read the dialog to make sure that you understand all word in the audio.
1) She did cleaning on _____ .
a) Saturday morning
b) Saturday afternoon
c) Sunday morning
2) When did she go hiking?
a) Saturday morning
b) Sunday morning
c) Saturday afternoon
3) She saw a _____ and a ______ .
a) cat / ferret
b) deer / ferret
c) ferret / ibis
4) At night she _____ .
a) met friends
b) went to a diner
c) watched TV
5) On Sunday she _____ .
a) met her friend
b) went to a museum
c) did some painting
Josh: Hey, Shirley.
Shirley: Hey, Josh.
Josh: So how was your weekend?
Shirley: Hmm, quite busy this weekend.
Josh: Really? Those are hard.
Shirley: Yeah.
Josh: So what did you do on Saturday?
Shirley: Well, Saturday morning, I usually clean the house.
Josh: Okay.
Shirley: Yeah. It’s kind of boring, but I have to clean the bathroom and then the kitchen, and then the lounge room because I have lots of cats. And the cats leave hair everywhere. So I always have to clean on Saturday mornings.
Josh: Yes, cats are messy.
Shirley: Yeah.
Josh: So after you cleaned, what did you do?
Shirley: Well, in the afternoon, I went for a walk up the mountain. It was a beautiful sunny day. There were no clouds in the sky.
Josh: Wow.
Shirley: It was gorgeous. So I walked up the mountain and I saw a ferret.
Josh: A ferret?
Shirley: Yeah.
Josh: Wow.
Shirley: They’re a little furry animal, four legs, tail—not like a rabbit, but about the same size as a rabbit.
Josh: Okay.
Shirley: And they’re kind of gold brown color.
Josh: Wow, did you see any other animals on your walk?
Shirley: No. I didn’t see any other animals on the ground. But I did see a beautiful bird flying in the sky.
Josh: Wow. Do you know what kind?
Shirley: I think it was an ibis. It’s a big bird that usually walks in the water. It has long legs and it was white with a black head.
Josh: Great. So after your walk, did you do anything else?
Shirley: I went home and then I watched some TV.
Josh: Okay.
Shirley: That was about it for my Saturday.
Josh: Okay. What did you do on Sunday?
Shirley: Sunday, I went to the art museum.
Josh: Really?
Shirley: Yeah.
Josh: Great.
Shirley: I really like to go and see new art; pictures or paintings or photographs or sometimes sculptures.
Josh: Okay. So who’s your favorite artist?
Shirley: I don’t really have a favorite artist but I really like watercolors, so pictures that are painted with just soft—a kind of soft painting style.
Josh: Do you like paintings of nature?
Shirley: I do like paintings of nature. I especially like paintings of flowers and animals and places that have water like lakes or rivers or the sea.
Josh: Oh, that sounds like you had a great weekend.
Shirley: Yeah, it was good. Thanks.
Josh: Okay.