to abide by

(formal) to accept and act according to a law, an agreement, etc.

parliamentary democracy

 a system of government in which candidates are voted to representthe people of a country in a

to adhere to

to behave according to a particular law, rule, set of instructions

constitutional government

connected with the laws which a country is governed by

the executive branch

that part of the government organisation responsible forimplementing laws and decisions

the legislative branch

that part of the government responsible for making laws

the separation of powers

the principle that separates government authority into three branches legislative (the Parliament or

to adopt policies

to start to use particular policies

to impose spending cuts

to introduce new rules to spend less money on something

to raise taxes on

to increase the amount of tax on something

to curb public spending on

to restrict what the government spends on something

to allocate resources to

to make money and materials available to do something

to introduce restrictions on

to limit what people can do or what can happen
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