wildlife safari

a holiday, often in Africa, to observe wild animals

short break

a short holiday

tourist trap

somewhere where too many tourists go

To get away

To escape, to go somewhere that is not your home. You can also use the noun “a get away.&rdquo

A thirst for adventure

strong desire for travelling/adventure

Get itchy feet

have a strong desire to travel

To find a gem

When you find a place where only locals go and other tourists don’t visit.

Arduous journey

difficult & tiring journey

Break the journey

stop for a short time during journey

Have a stopover

Have a brief overnight stay in a place when on a long journey to somewhere else, usually by air

Low-cost airline

discount or budget airline

To put somebody on standby

To make me wait to see if a seat become available

To take a red eye

To take a late night airline flight
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